How to use WISH LIST

Wish List use for that's let you mark down which products you are interested in.
It's very easy to make your Wish List and add to cart to complete your order later.

Why use WISH LIST.
The product as you need to buy often.
Product you want to buy in the future.
Create a WISH LIST for easy price comparison.
Easy to transfer into your shopping cart at any time.

The WISH LIST help you to record down all items you are interested in, you do not need to search.

Visitors can use WISH LIST function after registered.

 A: How to create WISH LIST
To add items to your wish list simply click the "WISH LIST" button.
 B: How to view your WISH LIST
When I want to confirm it again, please push the "WISH LIST" button of the left upper menu after login.
 B: How to move items to shopping cart
Step 1. Put number of order to the product which you want to order, and push "ADD CART" then sending to CART

Step 2.If you want to remove the product from WISH LIST, you choose item and press "Delete from Wish" button.